Advancing the Brand and Supporting the Consumer in the Digital Space
Based on consumers' embrace of all things mobile, we had an opportunity to create an indispensable mobile experience designed to guide decision-making for new parents seeking solutions to feeding issues as well as pregnant women seeking to engage with the brand while at the doctor's office. 

The team, composed of UX architects, art directors, writers, technologists, strategists, and other talented people, recommended a mobile website as the first step in developing a mobile strategy. We landed at that conclusion based on the consumer's behaviors: consumers were reading the brand's emails on their mobiles and clicking through to read more on the site. These engaged consumers, while in numbers were fairly small, were worth catering to as they were high value consumers and were a good barometer for when the technology went mainstream.

In order to create a mobile website that was lightning fast and useful to parents, we pulled together a collection of insights to drive the design and development of the mobile solution. The evolution of the work - from initial frameworks to final experience - are featured below.
The team had been keeping tabs on competitive activity and was able to quickly pull together heuristic evaluations of the competitions' mobile sites.
Mobile is an exciting space with a lot of outstanding technical capabilities. The team calibrated the best user experience to the existing site's behavioral metrics to ensure that the mobile recommendation was based on real insight into the consumer.
Initial sketches as proposed to the client.
The team created "functioning" paper prototypes. From a paperboard handset that featured the home screen of the phone to long pages that slid through the handset to mimic scrolling, the paper prototypes enabled the team to plan scenarios and troubleshoot.
We created exquisitely detailed wireframes to outline and think through the interactions.
The mobile site focused on key interactions, such as Store Locator functionality, that helped consumers attain important brand goals.
Product information, particularly to supplement information-seeking parents perusing the wall of formulas on grocery store shelves, was a priority design assignment. 
Supporting new parents throughout the feeding experience ensured that they were loyal throughout baby's first year, but also for the second baby.
The brand equity was communicated predominantly through simple and huge, quiet and intimate images of contented babies. Translating this visual equity into the mobile space meant balancing the emotional impact of lavish photography while ensuring a lightweight page. The team was able to create a high performance website that told the brand story through visuals and other forms of content.
Feeding Expert landing page
Products landing page
The tentpole product's information page
Pregnancy content gives parents the ability to learn more about pregnancy nutrition and its impact on fetal development. Providing this content within mobile enabled the brand to reach consumers in doctors' offices.
Artful fetal development imagery created by a 3D animator.
Mobile registration form was designed to allow new parents to easily sign-up for the program in a range of settings.
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