Delivering a Meaningful Brand Experience to Mom and Her Little One
n ethnographic study. We found that new moms spend plenty of time online - with their infants on their knees.

Using this as our source for inspiration, we decided to provide parents with a way to stimulate mental development using the Wee Gallery art and created the Wee Gallery app. The app is designed with a deep understanding of infant development gained through research and partnering with experts. The app also evolves with baby - from Slideshow mode for newborns to puzzle mode for older babies - based on how to best stimulate their cognitive development.
The application was built in Flash to provide a high definition experience. Because this was a deeply engaging experience, the team utilized full screen to really immerse mom and baby, sound to engage baby's auditory sense, animation and simple motion to stimulate baby's focus and ability to track. 

An alternate version was designed for mobile devices and for when Flash was turned off.
Fun facts entertained moms and emphasized the criticality of good nutrition's impact on infant development.
Slideshow functionality for newborns
Peek-a-boo for 4 to 8 month olds
Frog's jump into the screen is accompanied by ribbits.
Puzzle mode for older babies. In this mode, parents solve the puzzle, but by doing so illustrate important relationships and complex shapes to baby.
Online display media took the Wee Gallery app out to the community.
Rich media enabled parents to preview the app.
Consumers clicking through the banner would end up on the application landing page on the Similac website.
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